Local Chef: Uttam Kumar Pathak

Local Chef: Uttam Jumar Pathak

Who are you?

Uttam Kumar Pathak and I am the Head Chef of the Mayur Indian Restaurant.

Why do you do what you do?

Since I was working as part time staff at a local restaurant whenever I was in school and I was inspired by the people that I was working alongside with.  I find this line of work challenging but that is what I find most enjoyable about it.

What is your favourite dish to make?

Chicken Chettinad is my favourite because of how popular it is with customers that come to the restaurant.  Over time I have become to master this dish to a high standard.

What Challenges you?

Just being in the kitchen is hard work but being the head chef has its many additional challenges since I have to ensure that the team works together to produce the best quality food for our customers as well as ensuring that I can bring the best out of everybody in the kitchen.

What Inspires you?

The positive feedback I get from customers especially when they tell me that they really enjoyed the food and that the food was of excellent quality.  That feeling that I get when I make people feel happy with my food is what really inspires me.  I keep the food that I cook to a high standard is always a priority.

Recipe: Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Breast Dry Red Chillis
Whole Coriander Seeds Tamarind Paste
Curry Leaves Garlic Paste
Half Chopped Onion Garam Masala
Chilli Powder Salt
Curry Sauce
  1. Put a frying pan onto a medium heat and drizzle with vegetable oil.
  2. When the oil is slightly hot, add half a tea spoon of garlic paste to the frying pan along with coriander seeds and red chillis
  3. When they are roasted, add the half onion (diced or chopped).
  4. When the onion is brown in colour, add the chicken (diced), curry sauce and the remaining spices.
  5. Cook for 5 minutes and then garnish with fresh coriander.

This dish originates from the south part of India and one thing I have learned over the years of being a chef is that people from Northern Ireland love hot and spicy food! If you are ever in having food with us, I definitely recommend having this fried if you fancy spicy food as this is a very spicy dish.

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